The Ultimate App Marketing Guide For Business & Fintech Apps

Business and finance apps are booming, especially since global pandemic restrictions forced people to shift business and everyday life to home- based solutions.

This also means that the business and finance categories are becoming increasingly competitive.

To help you in your app growth efforts, we’ve teamed up with OneSignal and Nami to bring you this ultimate app marketing guide. In this free resource you’ll find actionable insights and case studies for three major areas that business and finance apps must master for long-term app success: 1) User Acquisition 2) User Engagement & Retention 3) Monetization.

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180% increase in app installs & 328% increase in ARPU

AGN has helped us accelerate growth for our mobile app in ways that we couldn’t have imagined. As a business, of course we love the impact to our bottom line, but one thing I couldn’t have predicted is how this growth has lead us to 10X learnings and therefore our ability to innovate.

Dan Navarro

Sr. Product Manager at Keap

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Business & Finance App Category Overview

Effective User Acquisition Tactics for Business & Finance Apps

◦ App Store Optimization
◦ ASO case study
 Paid User Acquisition channels
◦ ASA case study
◦ Facebook Ads case study

User Engagement & Retention Best Practices

Push notifications
Transactional updates
Major account updates
Real-time alerts

Monetization Strategies

Sign-up incentives
Referral programs
• Subscriptions