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Apple Search Ads (ASA)

The most efficient way to make it to the top of Apple’s App Store search.

Apple Search Ads (ASA) continues to be the industry-favoured acquisition channel for iOS apps, known for delivering quality users from high-intent search traffic. And while the whole process is seemingly straightforward, there’s more to know. The Apple Search Ads dashboard lacks automation to run on a global scale. This is why we’ve partnered up with the best in the industry and have access to proprietary automation platforms to leverage the APIs– in order to bring amazing automation platforms to our clients.

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Proprietary Apple Search Ads Automation Access

The process illustrated above gives an idea of how we manage things. We do not only buy keywords based on their CPI but we also bid on them based on their conversion factors and Return on Ad Spend (aka, ROAS) or other keywords that give us retained users. By connecting automated workflow directly to Attribution trackers, we let machine learning do its job so that valuable human resources are freed up for other more important tasks.

After we write 10-200 rows of formulas for Automation, we monitor the performance directly into AGN’s Apollo, our proprietary in-house reporting dashboard.

This has been a game-changer for a lot of clients. You can follow the blue line in the graph below and see how this dating app client reduced the cost per install by 300% in a short period of time via the automation of Apple Search Ads :

AGN ASA Automation – Case Study

Through our many years of first-hand experience, we know that there’s an organic element to Apple Search Ads ranking. The cool part is that we know how to rank for valuable keywords. It’s a process we’ve implemented successfully for many accounts in global markets – and we’d love to do the same for you. If you need a hand kickstarting your ASA campaign, send us a message!

ASA is also a great place to test the creatives for ASO. We will test 3 creatives at a time usually to pick the champion screenshots and adopt from left to the right.

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