Prelaunch consultation & Soft launch

Pre-launch is very important for apps before deciding the product. They must first select the genre, the country that they would like to soft launch in, and the marketing strategy they will pursue. We would have clients sometimes that say they want a million downloads in the United States without thinking of the consequences in advance. The market can perceive the product negatively..

Does the company have a Plan B or a comeback plan in place?

A pre-launch strategy will help you plan ahead and prepare for unfavorable circumstances. We have helped a diverse profile of over 100 apps in the past seven years to establish solid pre-launch strategies.

Our pre-launch global strategy will help you to not only think of your local market but also your international channels. Our team will compile a 90 days market launch strategy to help you accomplish the first phase of app launch. If you want to further your app investments, you must provide us with the numbers that you are willing to invest. Our team will then form the best strategy portfolio that is within your budgets and help your product grow in the right direction. 

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