Prelaunch & Soft Launch Strategy

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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Before even starting product development, taking the right pre-launch steps are vital to longterm success. Deciding which marketing strategy to purse, selecting the right genre and country – all this must be planned out well. Perhaps you have grand goals of getting a million downloads in the US market. And while we applaud ambition, we believe in taking the smart approach. Launching into a huge market blindly may in fact backfire and create negative product perception which is hard to reverse.

Does your company have plan B or a comeback plan in place?

If you don’t, you need one! A pre-launch strategy

Our team also helps you think globally in the pre-launch phase. We’ll give you a detailed 90-day market launch strategy to successfully complete your first app launch. Let us develop a customized launch plan for you based on your budget and needs that sets you in the right direction.

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