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Jump on the Google Ads bandwagon the right way.

It’s hard to deny that tapping into the Google behemoth is a must for longterm app growth and success. The best way to do this is through Google Ads’ ad buying platform for app advertisers – App Campaigns (formerly known as Universal App Campaigns or UAC).

The Google Apps Campaign dashboard is fairly simple and straightforward, but what many advertisers fail to master is the need to test many creative options and – for iOS – the need to leverage integration. Our knowledgeable team will make sure you successfully complete these steps, using tools like Firebase or other third-party SDKs to manage your conversions properly.

When it comes to scaling globally, we’ve got that figured out too. We’ve helped our clients run their apps in over 40 countries by setting up a way to efficiently measure CPI and cost per in-app event. Doing this allows your app to receive deeper engagement and generate more revenue. This means that you need automation to tap into the profitability potential of global markets. If this sounds complicated – don’t worry – our team is here to help! Contact us and let’s work together to get the right Google Ads strategy in place.

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