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When you run out of options with Apple search ads, Facebook, and universal ad campaigns, it is time to focus on third party websites. Third Party traffic, which as mentioned before, enables us to build a third party SDK in your product and attribution tracker. As an Adjust partner agency, we recommend Adjust because of the affordable cost and also its ability to track solutions. Two alternatives to Adjust for tracking solutions are Appsflyer and Java. Once attribution tracking has decayed, then doors to almost 3000 ad networks will be open to you. With so many networks available, it can be difficult to identify and test these discoveries.

AGN ASO team Consultants

That is where App Growth Network comes in. We are a team that attends five to ten conferences a year to keep updated and familiarized with the many ad networks. Furthermore, with more than seven years of industry experience, we can identify which tools are reliable and suitable for your company.

Every product has different needs, that is why we dedicate ourselves to matching your product with people that align with your products’ goals and values. We make sure that your cost per installment campaign is well aligned with your product objectives.

We offer services to not only manage CPI but also CPE. Our team will help you manage your post installment activities to maximize your product performance. Please contact us to further discuss your options going forward.

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