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User acquisition is crucial when working with a global team who has experience with media management. Media Management is essential in user expansion, whether it be Facebook, Google, or other third party ad networks. Media Management must be emphasized because paid media can impact both organic and app optimization. Therefore, as app developers, you must be conscious of the abundance of resources available to you. Many people believe in testing in markets with a lower cost per installs. However, the market’s behavior is similar to that of the premium tier one market’s.

For example, we will test campaigns in countries such as Canada, Australia, and Ireland before spending the full budget in largely populated countries like the US or UK. Therefore, it is critical to have a paid media strategy in advance and invest in your user acquisition in batches. Test your media campaigns with a few thousand dollars before investing in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hire a professional team to help you manage the process. This way, you can understand the step by step procedure of your media growth. To learn more about paid user acquisition, or to inquire about our services, feel free to contact us. We would love to chat!

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