Globalization and Scale

The hyper-growth phase is when apps are earning more than they are investing. The revenue per installed in long term (calculated with LTV and long term lifetime value) surpasses the cost per install. In these situations, we realized that there’s an opportunity for scale. To capitalize on this opportunity, we must rely on a combination of growth methods. We must combine organic growth, social and viral effects, and paid media such as Apple Search ads and Facebook ads.

You can also include a series of cost per install activities available on various networks. Cost per install deals with real-time bidding between the demand platforms and third-party data providers

It is at this stage that we have the liberty to pick the right third-party partners for our clients. Simultaneously, we have to ensure that analytics and data engagement modelings are well thought-out and well planned. From our observation, many startups with good products are reaching the growth maturity stage and are unsure of what to do. So if you are experiencing difficulties with growth maturity, reach out to us. We have experience with a diverse portfolio of apps and will provide insightful strategies to solve your problems.

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