Engagement & Retention

Engagement & Retention

“A small leak will sink a great ship.” —Benjamin Franklin

Many app publishers and developers focus their mobile app marketing strategy on getting as many app downloads as possible. On a fundamental level, this makes sense. After all, how can you even think about having the next big mobile app winner unless people download it first?

But, when it comes to effective app growth, getting the download is only scratching the surface—it starts even before your mobile app launch strategy. The secret to mobile app success lies way beyond the install!

So, what’s the most tried-and-true approach that leads to true mobile success? The answer: Lifecycle marketing.

Lifecycle marketing is about understanding every stage of the app user’s journey and creating effective app marketing strategies that deliver on the customer’s need and expectation in that given moment.

For most mobile apps, the customer journey (or funnel) looks like this:

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