Cross Device and SaaS

We work with many SaaS companies. These are companies that operate through different devices and platforms and are often available through both the App Store and their own website. One important factor when working with SaaS companies is to measure the relation of the product on the App Store and its own website.  

Tracking the relationship between these two platforms is emphasized because today’s consumer behaviour is based on their awareness of the product via either the App Store or the product’s website. Only after the customers are aware of the product will they then check out the app, the mobile web landing page, or the website on desktop

hen they will make an informative decision on the product or service that they want to use without isolating one channel from the other. At App Growth Network, we have a very strong SEO team that provides SaaS consultation. Our team will analyze and look at your mobile web presence and your absolute channel as well. We will make sense of the performance data from both the App Store and the company’s website. We will then help you identify which platform is better for your product since different products require different solutions.

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For example, you will never use your phone to do bookkeeping; however, your phone is a vital touchpoint to receive and process information. Furthermore, it can play a critical part in retention and awareness. These are all reasons why it is so important to have a SaaS consultant at your side. At App Growth Network, we look at both the App Store platform and the website platform and identify which platform is more suitable for your product. Therefore, if you do not have a holistic SaaS strategist, we would love to talk to you and have an infrastructure put in place for you.

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