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Creative Development + Production

It takes awesome creatives to stand out the right way

From having the right color palette to displaying the right screenshots in the app stores, every creative element of your app launch strategy and app marketing strategy matters.

It’s true that we pride ourselves on having a data-first approach to all that we do. And while our analytics team rocks, so does our in-house creative crew.

Why not see for yourself? Check out the work we’ve done for major clients in gaming, health & fitness, fashion, e-commerce and more

Let our in-house team help you by creating creative that sells

That’s because we look at all aspects of creative development—design, copy, editing—from the customer’s point of view so that, in the end, they’re getting the best possible impression of your app product. For us, creative development is not an afterthought—it’s an integral piece of the puzzle that’s incorporated from the get-go to give our clients the best results possible.

App preview videos, screenshots, logos, Facebook Ads, web banners, blogs, newsletters, social media posts…you name it, we’ve done it!

But it doesn’t stop there. We do thorough A/B testing of our creatives to make sure it’s working the best way possible. In our world, good creative is merely subjective—we put it to the test and let the numbers speak for themselves.

In this creative services case study, see how creating an app preview video increased CVR by 25-40% and how icon testing led and new icon design increased install performance by over 26% for this health & wellness client.

HiMoment icon testing examples

Video Creation

Week 1

Ideation & Development

• Identify your target audience
• Selling Proposition Analysis
• Ideas Brainstorming
• Creative Brief Formulated

Week 2


• Script Creation
• Storyboard Creation
• Music Selection

Week 3-4


• 2D Animation / Motion Graphic
• Art Direction
• Illustration

Week 5-6


• Add Music
• Video Editing
• Add Audio Effects
• Add Voiceover
• Client’s Feedback and Revisions

Graphics Portfolio

Video Portfolio

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