Attribution Analytics

Analytics is one of our strongest core competencies. We have worked with companies such as Appsflyer, Branch, and Singular in this matter. With these companies, we looked at the correlation between their paid channels and organics. We are able to extract keywords for these companies’ apple search ads and make sense out of these keywords on a granular level. We identified what worked and what did not for each company. The topic of who gets credit for an install is very complex. Was it the last tab or the first tab? What happens if users see a different mix of channels in between?

How will we track the correlation between organic and paid? Well, that’s where an attribution provider pitch-in. We currently work with a variety of attribution providers; therefore, we can help you identify the most financially efficient and effective practice for your company. We will conduct a thorough analysis of possible attribution providers as well as your retention numbers, cohort analysis, and user behaviors. We will use this information as a benchmark against leading apps in the app store to ensure that we are using active attribution analysis analytics. If you are interested in our services or would like to learn more. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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