App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store optimization or ASO

Because you can’t survive on paid media alone.

Organic growth is a critical element to your app’s health and longterm success, making app optimization – or ASO – an absolute must.

Everything you see on the iOS and Google Play app stores – the metadata that includes elements such as keywords, title, icons and description – all play a part in an app’s overall ranking.

For the iOS platform, the factors that most affect app rankings are reviews, retention and onboarding of products

For the Google Play Store, external factors – like backlinks – also matter

So, these app stores are smart. They know who searches for what, who gets hooked and moves forward with an install, who sticks with an app, and who doesn’t bother installing an app at all.

When we work with our clients, we do a full audit of all of these factors. You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been, right?

The truth is, true ASO is as much an art as it as a science. It’s an ongoing effort that requires detail, data, creativity and attention. We work together with all our clients to make sure that all ranking signals are managed and well maintained.

We’ve seen growth through proper ASO strategy for over 1,000 apps and we’re more than confident we can do the same for yours. You’re in good hands!

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