App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store optimization or ASO

App Store optimization or ASO is one of the core offerings that most app developers and companies look for. Because organic growth is a very critical element in the growth of mobile applications. No apps can sustain in the long term by only releasing media. Therefore, app optimization is a combination of art and science.

Everything you see on either the iOS or Android app store from the metadata to the keywords to the icons, and to the descriptions all play a part in the overall ranking of the app.

For the iOS platform, however, its app rankings are more determined by factors like reviews, retention, and onboarding of products. 

There are also external factors such as backlinks for platforms like the Google Play Store.

These factors give the app store information on if anyone searched for quarry, stuck around and did not install the app. Therefore, un-installment is a large component of KPI. When we work with our clients, we engage in an audit phase where we look at a lot of these factors. Many people think that app store optimization is just a store matter, which in some cases, is true because you optimize and see results.

However, true App Store optimization is an ongoing effort. We work together with our clients and make sure that all ranking signals and other variables are well maintained and managed. Our strong, global, multilingual team has worked with over 1000 apps; therefore, trust that you will be in good hands when you reach out to us to discuss your ASO strategy.

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