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Hatch Entertainment

A subsidiary of Rovio, known for popular game titles like Angry Birds.

AGN services: Global ASO & Spanish launch in partnership with Vodafone

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FarmVille 2

AGN Services: comprehensive iOS and Android ASO audit of Zynga’s popular 10 million-download game.

Results: significant improvement of app’s metadata

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AGN services: Apple Search Ads (ASA) set up, management and optimization of their iOS app in the US market.

Results: x% decrease in CPI

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AGN Services: Google Play planning and app store listing optimization

Results: x% increase in conversion rate

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Sweet Pea Dating App

AGN Services: full stack media planning, analytics and Facebook ad optimization

Results: 60% increase in CPI efficiency

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Relax Melodies

AGN Services: app stores listing optimization

Results: Play Store localization boost in the US, Germany and Spain

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AGN Services: creative assets updates in app stores listings

Results: 20% increase in conversion rate

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Twist by Doist

AGN Services: ASA and ASO

Results: improved iOS App Store rankings in Germany and Spain

The Mindfulness App

AGN Services: product audit, ASO and localization for Sweden and English-speaking markets 

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Sage Accounting

AGN Services: full launch in 7 countries globally

Results: achieved top 3 app store ranking for the “Accounting” category in the UK

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Meditation & Relaxation 

AGN Services: ASO and Google Ads App campaigns/UAC

Results: x% boost in organic installs

CatchUp Calendar

AGN Services: ASO, product and media planning


AGN Services: ASO and Apple Search Ads management

Results: 150% CPI optimization

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GyPSy Guide

AGN Services: ASO & paid media optimization for 3 major iOS and Android apps

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Hero Jobs

Results: Decrease in CPI by 40% , Organic growth by 50%

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Ninja Number

Results: 568% Organic Growth

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Find the Difference

AGN Services: ASO audit, keyword research and keyword monitoring

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Easy scanner

AGN Services: global media support and scale of Asia-based scanner app

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