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App Growth

How quickly can I expect results?

This can also vary greatly depending on multiple factors. Some clients see immediate results, like a 40% retention increase, because changes were implemented quickly and had an impact. Others can take longer, for example ASO work may take 2-4 weeks to produce (depending on whether we’re creating new creatives, etc) and then we recommend waiting 1-2 weeks for the app store algorithm to notice the changes and bump up your app.

Can I get an investment for my app?

We do not offer fundraising as a service. But we would be more than happy to help you with growing your key metrics and doing market research to prepare you for any investor.

Why App Growth Network?

We are a full-stack product and optimization marketing agency covering your business funnel from top to bottom. From acquiring users to retaining and monetizing them in the long term. We dive deep into your product to understand how we can make it even better. On top of that, we are an international team with years of marketing experience striving to be better each day.

App Launch

How in advance do we need to reach out to you for all things marketing?

The sooner the better! Typically we expect to connect with you 1-2 months before anticipated launch. It gives us time to thoroughly research your app, the market it is in, and provide you with our recommendations and a further plan for the future.

How many users do I need?

We recommend 5 to 10 thousand users to test the product, here we are looking for quality users who will be able to explore the fundamentals of your app.

How much money do I need to launch an app?

$40,000-$70,000. This is split between agency fees depending on the contract and media fees that go to acquiring your new users.

Launching iOS and Android together

This one is more of a preference and would depend on your overall plan. If you already have both versions almost working, it would make sense to finish them up and launch together. If the app was first developed for one platform, you can launch it there first, and by the time the other platform is ready, you will already have the feedback from the other version.

Timeline of our work

Depending on the services you would like us to work on, this will vary from short audits to long term partnerships. Once we know the scope of the work, we update you on the due dates.

Attribution, Tracking and Analytics SDKs & Tools

Having a wide variety of clients, we stay on top of the current trends and keep learning new ways of measuring your success. Some of the bigger platforms that we use often for tracking, attribution and/or analytics are Facebook SDK, Google Firebase and, of course, our partner, Adjust.

ASO (App Store Optimization)

What are the components of ASO?

ASO comprises many integral parts. These are keywords, app title, description, screenshots and more.


Our pricing is based on the number of stores that need updating. We are happy to give discounts whenever there are more languages involved.

Ranking signals

We look at things like conversion rates, download velocity, ratings & reviews. At times we also factor in the product quality itself, because there is only so much ASO can do.

Metrics & Insights

What is the average CPI for my niche?

CPI can vary a lot anywhere from a few cents to dozens of dollars. For most apps the average would be $1-5

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