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How to Launch an App

This 60-page e-book takes you on a deep dive of what it takes to launch your app with actionable tips to set you up for launch success.

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How to Grow your Mobile App

In this e-book you will learn methods to ensure app growth success. You’ll get detailed how-to’s on essential items on growing your mobile app.

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Travel Apps Report

In this report, we uncover key marketing strategies and tactics behind the top-ranking travel apps in the airfare industry.

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Matchmaking Apps: Dating and Beyond

What does it take to make a matchmaking app successful? We’re not talking just dating apps for love matches, but any app that serves to make a connection.

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How to Supercharge UA
and Get the Funds to Do It

This Ebook walks you through how to supercharge your app’s growth with User Acquisition (UA) best practices, & funding options to do so.

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