How hiMoment boosted install performance using icon testing

About hiMoment

hiMoment is a fabulous motivation & gratitude journal app.

It helps to create good habits with premium tracks focused on relaxation, self-love, confidence, romantic relationships, relationships, movement, or work. It empowers you in moments of stress with its BOOST method.


• Increase app visibility in Apple App Store & Google Play Store in various countries including Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Austria

Boost organic downloads in these countries for both Playstore and iOS

App Growth Network’s Approach

To give a boost to the organic downloads for hiMoment, App Growth Network carried a mix of activities starting from March’19 which included app icon testing, screenshot testing, adding app preview video, keyword optimisation in app descriptions, UAC campaigns(for Android) & Apple Search Ads(for iOS) to boost organic efforts. But in this case, we will only cover creative A/B testing for App Screenshots & App Icon.

Based on App Growth Network app analysis here is CVR lift that each of app store creative assets has on overall App Store Optimisation(ASO)


• Icon : 18% CVR lift
• Video : 40% CVR lift Screenshot : 18% CVR lift


Icon : 11% CVR lift

Video : 24% CVR lift

Screenshot : 13% CVR lift

So we started with

Adding video to the app store page

For Icon testing, we did competition analysis and found that the most popular apps in the wellness category were using character icons to establish an emotional connect with the users and changed the icon to the main character instead of “hi” icon

For screenshot testing, we did a couple of tests including changing screenshot messages, text size variation, etc

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Icon Testing

We tested the following icons

So the icon with a happy character connects best with users. The results of install performance increased by 26.6% when compared to no character icon.

This proves our hypothesis that customers in this category prefer apps that they have an emotional connection with, even before they download and experience the app. Furthermore, as a gratitude journaling app, a happy character icon performs better.

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