About Heroes Job:

Heroes Jobs is a job search app that connects job applicants with a recruiter using the power of video instead of the traditional method of sharing a resume. The app is available for both Android and iOS. AGN started working with Heroes Jobs in July 2019.


Our client’s short-term goal was to dominate San Francisco and the Bay Area by providing attractive jobs to a Gen Z target audience.

The App Growth Network Approach:

In this case, we followed a strategic keyword research approach.

We performed an extensive audit, gathering around 300 keywords and built a systematic approach to choose the top 30 to target based on the client’s business goals.

Other factors that contributed to the overall ASO growth:

  • Download velocity
  • Disciplined updates every 2 weeks
  • Monitoring reviews from users
  • Strategic updates on the keywords metadata
  • Measuring CVR to evaluate conversions of App Store Page to Download


The visibility score graph below shows the progression Heroes Jobs made in comparison with its competitors:     This visibility score graph shows the correlation between the iOS updates performed and the increase in the overall app power:     Below it shows that for relevant keywords like ‘simply hired’ & ‘job hiring,’ the app rank grew by slightly over 490:     With this graph, we see that App Store search increased tremendously from August onwards:    

App Store Search 

We also saw a significant increase in organic search which grew by 568% from July’19 to August’19:


App Units 

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