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iOS 15 expert tips for 4 key app growth areas: Paid UA, ASO, Creative & Analytics

There’s a lot of scattered information out there about iOS 15 and how new iOS 15 features will impact the mobile industry from everyone’s perspective—users, developers, advertisers, marketers—basically anyone who touches mobile apps.   In an effort to consolidate solid, simplified professional advice, we went directly to our internal team of experts here at AGN…
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The App Growth Show Episode 1 : Braavo

Hey App Growth Community, have you ever struggled to compete with the top grossing apps in acquiring new users? Have you ever found it to be risky to raise capital for your app through equity or debt? I know I have. In today’s episode, we are joined by Fouad Saeidi, CEO of App Growth Network,…
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Apple Search Ads for the paid UA

Apple Search Ads for the Paid UA Win! Is Your App in the Game?

The proof is clear: Apple Search Ads is blowing everyone out of the water in the paid user acquisition game. The Financial Times reports that Apple Search ads is responsible for 58% of all iPhone app downloads. This is a staggering leap compared to the 17% share it had just one year ago.  The reality…
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How to Use Analytics Tools to Improve Your App User Experience

There’s a reason why we talk so much about the importance of having a data-first approach when it comes to effective app marketing strategies. You’ve probably heard the stats: there are over 3.4 million apps on Google Play and over 2.2 million apps on the Apple App Store.    With that kind of competition, all…
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iOS 15 Features Explained: Product Page Optimization Challenges & Opportunities

For everyone in the mobile app industry, the new iOS 15 update is a huge deal. For app marketers and app developers (or anyone looking to seriously boost app conversion rates!), new Apple iOS 15 features present a huge opportunity—while the testing capabilities present some challenges. The iOS15 features making the biggest headlines are Custom…
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A Feel-Good App Growth Story: Introducing a Safe, Non-Toxic Social App for Teens

We love a good app growth story, don’t you? When we heard the story of Blue Fever app—its founders, how it started, the reason for its existence, its growth, its transformation—we knew it had to be told. We talked directly with the co-founders of Blue Fever, Greta McAnanay (current CEO) and Lauren Tracy (former CEO),…
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App Preview Videos: What You Need to Know + Effective App Video Examples

When considering every element of your app store listings—or metadata—mobile industry experts agree that every piece is important. Your app name and keywords are especially important for ASO while the app icon, screenshots, descriptions, etc. play a key role too. And what about an app video—will having an app preview video increase your app’s performance…
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How app funding can help you compete with top apps in the UA growth game

Picture this: you have an amazing app product on the app stores. You’ve built up momentum by acquiring a quality user base, maintaining solid app user retention numbers and earning steady profit every month.    Based on your data, you know your app is on to something big…if you could just get that extra capital…
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Has your app customer lifecycle funnel sprung a leak? Let’s fix it!

“What does it take to get my app to the top of the charts?” Ah, the million dollar question. And if the answer were that simple, all app developers and publishers would be multi-millionaires. And we, as an app marketing agency, would have a super easy job! So, what does it take to have a…
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Why CoinMaster is a top-10 grossing app in the casual gaming category

As app marketers, we try out a lot of apps. We all have our list of favorites that span the spectrum of app categories—from health & wellness to fintech to gaming. But there’s one that’s infiltrated our team and gotten a number of us hooked (we won’t mention any names)—and that game is CoinMaster.  …
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