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Expert Interview: Lucia Mrvová

Please tell us more about yourself, what you do, and how long have you been in the app business? I currently head the user acquisition team at Lingokids, a mobile app that teaches English to 2-8 years old children in a fun, game-like way. I work in digital/performance marketing since early 2013 and have been…
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Expert Interview: Saulo Marti

**Saulo was the VP of growth for Hibooks when we interviewed with him, he is currently the VP of Marketing for 8fit** Hi there Saulo… Please tell us more about yourself… I’m a VP of Growth at Hibooks and an advisor to a few startups in Brazil and Germany. within the mobile space. I’ve been…
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Key Changes Google I/O 2019 Made to Play Store App Marketing

Developments Google has announced a number of new developments to the existing Play Store to enhance developers’ user experiences. Two of the more prominent enhancements made include its App Download Size Compression and its Peer Group Benchmarks. App Download Size Compression App Download Size has always been a major concern for developers. Google heard the…
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Expert Interview: Arpit Patel

Thank you for interviewing with us Arpit, Can you please tell us more about yourself? Did you have knowledge prior to entering the app world? I am the Head of User Acquisition at PSafe Technology, a leading provider of mobile privacy, security and performance apps for both Android and iOS. I am responsible for running…
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Expert Interview: Peter Jung

Expert tips by App Growth Advisory Board:   Thank you Peter for taking the time out to interview with us. Please let us know more about you. How did you first enter the App Business and what do you do? I am a growth marketer with a forte in social media advertising and creative strategy.…
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Expert Interview: Thomas Petit

Expert tips by App Growth Advisory Board:   Hi Thomas, thanks for interviewing with us. Can you please tell us more about yourself, what you do and how long have you been in the app business? Hi everyone! I’m an independent worker, helping a variety of B2C apps grow, focusing primarily on paid & organic…
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Top Mobile App Attribution Tools

For mobile app marketing it is very important to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns which is function of following User Acquisition Source Target Audience Ad Type Ad Creative Having a mobile attribution tool in place helps to attribute an install to source of user acquisition and marketing campaign on a single platform for your…
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Trendy App Store Marketing Tips 2019: Takeaways from Conferences

February was a good month for me, attending various conferences in L.A. and San Francisco, getting to know so many new trends and pools of talent in different areas of app growth marketing, user acquisition, and retention. Not everyone gets the privilege to attend these conferences, so we have summarized some top notes here for…
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aso tools 2019

The Best ASO Tools 2019

Best ASO tools 2019: (Continuously updated) App Store Optimization is a favoured strategy for developers, as the organic growth that accompanies ASO is a key determinant of app success. With the evolution of Apple Search Ads, ASO tools have advanced significantly in the past 3 years. Additionally, developers are leveraging the Search Ads APIs to…
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ASO 4 key mobile user

4 Key Mobile User Retention Strategies for Growth

One of the major problems that app marketers face is retaining users. Only 10%-12% of users remain active after 7 days and only 4%-5% of users after 30 days. User retention strategies range from customized and personalized onboarding to push notifications. It’s important to analyze the needs of your users and implement strategies accordingly. There…
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