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iOS, Android, or both?

One of the biggest questions for app developers is should I launch on iOS or Android? The answer is not so simple, depending on the size of your operation you may or you may not want to launch both iOS and Android. If it is your first time launching an app, you may want to…
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App Growth Network Appreciates Our Happy Clients

It seems that there are countless apps out there – 2.1 Android apps are available on the Google Play Store and 1.8 million apps are on Apple’s App Store. With so many apps, how can you make yours stand out? We know it’s hard to pick the right app marketer for your business – just…
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Expert Interview: Sharath Kowligi

Please tell us more about yourself, what you do, and how long have you been in the app business? I solve user acquisition problems. In the last 8 years, most of my work involves getting games to people who might enjoy them. I do spend a lot of time thinking about and tinkering with the…
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How hiMoment boosted install performance using icon testing

About hiMoment hiMoment is a fabulous motivation & gratitude journal app. It helps to create good habits with premium tracks focused on relaxation, self-love, confidence, romantic relationships, relationships, movement, or work. It empowers you in moments of stress with its BOOST method. Goal Increase app visibility in Apple App Store & Google Play Store in…
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New Updates at the Apple WWDC19

Apple has been one of the world’s biggest tech pioneers. The yearly WWDC is the biggest conference Apple will host. At the WWDC19, Apple released many new updates on its products and services like the wallet-breaking “Cheese Grater” MacBook. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the topics that will affect…
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MAU Retention Recap

Companies often focus on attracting new customers because they believe that new customers will help increase their revenue and growth. However, many companies overlook the importance of retention. Without retention, no companies will be able to optimize their company growth because the customers you attract today will only leave tomorrow. So what is the best…
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Expert Interview: Lucia Mrvová

Please tell us more about yourself, what you do, and how long have you been in the app business? I currently head the user acquisition team at Lingokids, a mobile app that teaches English to 2-8 years old children in a fun, game-like way. I work in digital/performance marketing since early 2013 and have been…
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How Twist’s installs grew 100% using App Store Optimization

  “Working with The App Growth Network was a useful way for our team to get our feet wet with ASO. They were very communicative and responsive to our needs and questions.” – Breanna Loury, Head of Marketing at Doist   About Twist: Twist is a team communication app created by Doist, the team behind…
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Expert Interview: Saulo Marti

**Saulo was the VP of growth for Hibooks when we interviewed with him, he is currently the VP of Marketing for 8fit** Hi there Saulo… Please tell us more about yourself… I’m a VP of Growth at Hibooks and an advisor to a few startups in Brazil and Germany. within the mobile space. I’ve been…
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Key Changes Google I/O 2019 Made to Play Store App Marketing

Developments Google has announced a number of new developments to the existing Play Store to enhance developers’ user experiences. Two of the more prominent enhancements made include its App Download Size Compression and its Peer Group Benchmarks. App Download Size Compression App Download Size has always been a major concern for developers. Google heard the…
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