iOS, Android, or both?

iOS, Android, or both?


One of the biggest questions for app developers is should I launch on iOS or Android? The answer is not so simple, depending on the size of your operation you may or you may not want to launch both iOS and Android. If it is your first time launching an app, you may want to start with one platform to test your users’ behaviour. If you fail on that platform, you can then learn from it before investing more to develop the other platform. Launching with either or of the platforms can yield many advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look!

Google Play launch pros: 

Google Play has an easier approval process in place than iOS 

Google Play allows you to run local and global experiments to test your creatives and concepts 

You can run Google UAC ads without any attribution trackers 

Google Play launch cons: 

Google Play in purchase patterns are different than iOS 

Usually, iOS users commit more in-app purchases

You can not leverage Apple Search Ads which is high intent based 

For Apps that get traction from social sharing such as calendar or family sharing app, you may not get the same network effects.

iOS launch pros: 

Can leverage Apple Search Ads, which is high intent based 

Apple users usually spend more therefore, you can monetize better

May get featured by Apple or the editorial section 

You can test your creative with Apple Search Ads

iOS launch cons: 

iOS environment is harder for Assets & meta A/B testing 

Apple has more restrictive rules regarding asset approvals 

You can leverage UAC without an attribution tracker SDK 

Apps that receive traction from social sharing, such as calendar or family sharing app, may not have the same network effects

Launching multiple platforms at the same time is very beneficial for the network effect; however, when it comes to bugs, crashes, and maintenance, two platforms will require more QA & development time as well as marketing and resource allocation.

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