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How to Leverage User-Generated Content to Boost App Growth

When it comes to app marketing, or even marketing in general, are social influencers a thing of the past? Not exactly. But there is something that keeps gaining an increasingly larger amount of ground: user-generated content or UGC.  More and more marketers are considering user-generated content “the new influencer marketing” and are using it to…
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How app funding can help you compete with top apps in the UA growth game

Picture this: you have an amazing app product on the app stores. You’ve built up momentum by acquiring a quality user base, maintaining solid app user retention numbers and earning steady profit every month.    Based on your data, you know your app is on to something big…if you could just get that extra capital…
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Clement Kao Product Manager at Blend and Co-founder Product Manager HQ

The Power of Fake Door Tests

An Interview with Clement Kao The mobile apps that win markets are the ones that demonstrate speed to market with new, compelling features.  But how do you know whether you’ve picked the right feature to ship? In other words, how do you ship quickly without picking the wrong feature? In this app expert interview, we’ll…
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5 tips for gaming user aquisition

5 Tips for Successful Gaming User Acquisition

Below you’ll find the main takeaways from our MGS Virtual Conference 2.0 panel: “Global Gaming User Acquisition and Automation in 2021”. The insights are drawn from our two expert UA panel guests: Nick Cullen, UA Manager at Game Hive and John Clark, Director of Growth at Global Worldwide. While many of these strategies apply to…
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Expert Interview William Grigat Aquistion Manager at Mistplay

Expert Interview: William Grigat, UA Manager for Mistplay App

This week we get some amazing gaming user acquisition insights and tips from William Grigat of Mistplay. We cover hot topics from what it really means to be a UA specialist, how to approach media networks and advice on tackling globalization the right way for hyper-casual games. Read on to get this valuable information straight…
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5 low/no cost ways to get app downloads blog cover

5 Low/No Cost Ways To Get App Downloads

Building an app takes money. Marketing your app so that people know your app exists and getting them to download it takes money – but does it really have to be that much? In an ideal world, your ideal app marketing mix consists of 3 parts: paid media, earned media, and owned media. And they…
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how to harness social media blog post featured image

How To Harness Social Media To Boost Your App’s Organic Growth – App Growth Blog Series (Part 2)

The first stage on your journey to growing your mobile app is acquisition. Here we’ll be staying on the topic of organic channels available to acquire users. Once you’ve gotten a handle on your ASO strategy, you’ll want to deepen the relationship with your audience. The best way to build your brand and engage users…
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