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How to Leverage User-Generated Content to Boost App Growth

When it comes to app marketing, or even marketing in general, are social influencers a thing of the past? Not exactly. But there is something that keeps gaining an increasingly larger amount of ground: user-generated content or UGC.  More and more marketers are considering user-generated content “the new influencer marketing” and are using it to…
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How to Leverage Custom Product Pages to Boost ASO & Paid UA Performance

It’s no secret that app marketers are thrilled about the arrival of the App Store’s custom product pages (CPPs) because of what it means for ASO and paid UA performance, like Apple Search Ads. So, what does it mean for ASO and paid UA? With the introduction of CPPs, app marketers are now able to…
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How to create Facebook audiences for effective Facebook Ads user acquisition campaigns

When it comes to developing a winning app user acquisition strategy, it’s important to evaluate all of your paid UA channels to determine which platform(s) will deliver the best return on investment for your app’s business objectives. Along with Apple Search Ads, and Google UAC, Facebook is still a strong performer for meeting app growth…
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How to set up Google Universal App Campaigns (UAC) the right way to achieve your app growth goals

Ask any app marketer what their preferred paid user acquisition channels are to achieve app growth business goals, and Google Universal App Campaigns (UAC) are almost always on the list.  That’s because UAC provide attainable advertising access to the behemoth that is Google and all its network of properties—including Google Search, Google Play, YouTube and…
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Apple Search Ads for the paid UA

Apple Search Ads for the Paid UA Win! Is Your App in the Game?

The proof is clear: Apple Search Ads is blowing everyone out of the water in the paid user acquisition game. The Financial Times reports that Apple Search ads is responsible for 58% of all iPhone app downloads. This is a staggering leap compared to the 17% share it had just one year ago.  The reality…
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How app funding can help you compete with top apps in the UA growth game

Picture this: you have an amazing app product on the app stores. You’ve built up momentum by acquiring a quality user base, maintaining solid app user retention numbers and earning steady profit every month.    Based on your data, you know your app is on to something big…if you could just get that extra capital…
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3 Best App Marketing Strategies for a Small Budget

In an ideal world, you’ve launched a mobile app and have a large enough marketing budget to support a solid app marketing mix. This includes a paid media strategy which means that you have the funds to invest money into Facebook Ads, Google UAC, for commissioning influencers and beyond. But, not all app developers have…
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Facebook news 4 updates for marketers to know

Facebook News! 4 Updates for Marketers to Know

It seems like we’ve been hearing this forever – and no matter where you fall on their love/hate spectrum – the truth is that Facebook is still the king of the social media jungle. With over 2.5 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide, there’s just no denying its power and ability to reach any type…
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how to create facebook ad's featured image

How to Create Facebook Ads: Your Detailed Guide (App Growth Blog Series Part 4)

In this article, we stay on the Acquisition stage of the funnel but will switch gears from organic growth channels to paid growth channels. We’ll take a deep dive into Facebook advertising and guide you through a step-by-step approach for how to create and run effective Facebook ads for your app. Facebook ads are a…
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