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Clement Kao Product Manager at Blend and Co-founder Product Manager HQ

The Power of Fake Door Tests

An Interview with Clement Kao The mobile apps that win markets are the ones that demonstrate speed to market with new, compelling features.  But how do you know whether you’ve picked the right feature to ship? In other words, how do you ship quickly without picking the wrong feature? In this app expert interview, we’ll…
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Expert Interview with Max Maserman of Callapp

App Expert Interview: Max Maserman of CallApp

We all know that user acquisition is key for mobile app growth. What better way to learn the ins and outs of user acquisition than by speaking to UA managers directly? In this app expert interview, we hear from Max Maserman of CallApp. Read on to get his pro tips on user acquisition strategies for…
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Expert Interview with Fanfood App VP of Marketing Isabella Jiao

Expert Interview: Isabella Jiao, VP of Marketing of FanFood App

If you want to be inspired by the story of a cool brand that almost threw its hands up after COVID hit – only to come together as a team, switch gears and break their own growth records – then read on! Isabella Jiao, VP of Marketing at FanFood App gives some awesome insider tips…
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Expert Interview William Grigat Aquistion Manager at Mistplay

Expert Interview: William Grigat, UA Manager for Mistplay App

This week we get some amazing gaming user acquisition insights and tips from William Grigat of Mistplay. We cover hot topics from what it really means to be a UA specialist, how to approach media networks and advice on tackling globalization the right way for hyper-casual games. Read on to get this valuable information straight…
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Expert Interview with Adjust Agency Partnerships Manager Philip Bruno

Expert Interview: Philip Bruno, Agency Partnerships Manager at Adjust

This week we get some amazing industry insights and tips from Philip Bruno of Adjust, the industry leader in mobile measurement and fraud prevention. We cover everything from COVID-19 updates, the hottest mobile trends, how to app marketers can prepare for the upcoming iOS 14 updates and more. Read on to get all this valuable…
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Expert Interview with Juan Gutter of Glovo App

Expert Interview: Juan Gutter of Glovo App

We had the pleasure of having Juan Gutter as our next expert interview guest. Juan is in charge of Performance Marketing for Glovo, the leading on-demand courier service in Europe that purchases, picks up, and delivers products ordered through its mobile app.  He shares with us helpful app marketing insider tips that lead to app…
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App Expert Interview: Darius Mora, CMO of Reflecty App

We are very honored to have had the privilege of interviewing Darius Mora of the extremely successful journaling app, Reflecty. He’s a true app expert that knows what it’s like to have apps that flop and ones that have skyrocketed to success. Read on for some excellent tips and advice from his own learnings. The…
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Expert Interview: Anton Tatarinovich

Thank you for interviewing with us Anton. Can you please tell us more about yourself, what you do and how long have you been in the app business? My name is Anton Tatarinovich, Head of Marketing at SplitMetrics. I’ve been working in the tech industry for 4 years and past 2 years – in mobile…
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Expert Interview: Laurie Galazzo

Thank you for interviewing with us Laurie, Can you please tell us more about yourself? Did you have knowledge prior to entering the app world? Hi everyone! I’m the CMO at AppTweak and ASO Tool pioneer. I’m passionate about new technologies and apps. I love finding new ideas to spread valuable content on App Store…
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Expert Interview: Elsa Massoudi Aguilar

Thanks for talking with us Elsa! Please let us know more about you. How did you first enter the App Business and what do you do? Once you go ‘App’ you never go back; that’s what happened to me 3 years ago when I started in the mobile app industry by coincidence. Since then, I…
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