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How to Conduct an ASO Audit for App Store Keywords & Creatives (Step-by Step Process)

This blog was written with our partner AppTweak and focuses on an ASO Audit conducted on the app Ella Verbs Spanish Conjugation in the US App Store. This audit consists of two parts, “Conducting an App Store Keyword Audit” and “Conducting an App Store Creative Audit”, respectively carried out by AppTweak and App Growth Network.…
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How to test & identify your best app icons in 5 steps

As users scroll through app stores, what’s the first visual element that they see of every single app listed—before the app name, screenshots, etc? App icons. And with 2.22 million apps in the Apple Store and 3.48 million in Google Play, you can be sure that users have plenty of apps to choose from. Every…
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Why branding is important to your app’s success

Branding. It’s a word we’ve all heard and (think) we understand.  But do we really? When it comes to mobile apps, branding can be an elusive concept—and many times, an afterthought. The priority and focus is app development. But once an app is created, tested, debugged and ready to go live in the app stores,…
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Clement Kao Product Manager at Blend and Co-founder Product Manager HQ

The Power of Fake Door Tests

An Interview with Clement Kao The mobile apps that win markets are the ones that demonstrate speed to market with new, compelling features.  But how do you know whether you’ve picked the right feature to ship? In other words, how do you ship quickly without picking the wrong feature? In this app expert interview, we’ll…
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How To Create App Screenshots That Boost Conversion (2020)

Consider this: not every app store visitor who comes across your listing will read your app’s description, but 100% of them will be exposed to your first-impression screenshot.  That’s why app screenshots play such a pivotal role in on-page App Store Optimization (ASO). Optimizing screenshots in the App Store and Google Play store has been…
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10 Tips For Creating Winning App Screenshots – App Pre-launch Series Part 6

By now, you probably have a clear idea about the importance of mastering app metadata. Here we’ll focus on your app screenshots which – alongside your rockstar app icon – are crucial pieces of the metadata puzzle. App screenshots play a critical role in on-page App Store Optimization (ASO). Optimizing screenshots in the Google Play Store…
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How To Make Your App Icon Stand Out – App Pre-launch Series Part 5

So far in our App Pre-launch Blog Series, we’ve talked about several ideation phase elements and some building phase elements – like how to master text-based metadata. Over the next few articles of the series, we’re going to talk about all the visual elements of your metadata – your creatives! In this article, we’ll focus…
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10 App Store Screenshots Best Practices That Boost Conversion Rates

Having amazing app store screenshots plays a critical role in on-page App Store Optimization (ASO). For one, optimizing screenshots in the Apple App Store and Google App Store can significantly increase your conversion rates.  What is a conversion rate? In general terms, it’s the percentage of users who have performed a desired action. In this…
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