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App Store Growth Hack Alert! How to More than Double Your ASO Keyword List

Let’s talk again about one of our favorite topics: App Store Optimization for the App Store. For something so seemingly simple, ASO remains an elusive, ever-changing process any marketer must constantly study to truly understand. Just when you think you’ve got it, it changes and evolves again.    For ASO for the App Store, you…
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App Growth Network Named Among Top 10 ASO Companies of January 2020

App Store Optimization (ASO) is our specialty. ASO – which helps apps rank higher in app store search results – is one of the main tools we use for effective app growth. We understand how it works and we make it work for our clients.   So to be named among the top 10 ASO…
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Stand Out in App Stores with ASO: What You Need to Know – App Growth Blog Series (Part 1)

As you may have already deduced by our company name, App Growth Network, we’re all about growing apps! So we’re excited to launch this App Growth blog series as a follow-up to our 7-part App Pre-launch blog series.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll take you through some stages of the growth funnel based on…
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ASO Nerdy Little Secrets 2019

This July our founder, Fouad, held a workshop at App Growth Summit Seattle about the latest ASO discoveries and case studies: If you missed it, here is a recap : What is a simple App Store Optimization definition? It’s the process that sets your mobile app for success because it helps your app rank higher…
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10 App Store Screenshots Best Practices That Boost Conversion Rates

Having amazing app store screenshots plays a critical role in on-page App Store Optimization (ASO). For one, optimizing screenshots in the Apple App Store and Google App Store can significantly increase your conversion rates.  What is a conversion rate? In general terms, it’s the percentage of users who have performed a desired action. In this…
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How To Choose Your Mobile App Platform: Android vs iOS Pros & Cons

One of the biggest questions when building an app is: which app platform should I build my app for – iOS or Android? Or both? The answer is actually not so simple. You may benefit from starting as either an Apple app or a Play Store app depending on your situation.   Why? Because there…
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Trendy App Store Marketing Tips 2019: Takeaways from Conferences

February was a good month for me, attending various conferences in L.A. and San Francisco, getting to know so many new trends and pools of talent in different areas of app growth marketing, user acquisition, and retention. Not everyone gets the privilege to attend these conferences, so we have summarized some top notes here for…
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The Best ASO Tools

Best ASO tools 2022: (Continuously updated) App Store Optimization is a key driver of organic growth and overall app success, making it a favoured strategy for app developers. When you consider that 70% of App Store visitors use search to find apps and 65% of downloads happen directly after an App Store search, it’s easy…
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Holistic Cross Devices Optimization where ASO marries SEO

After 6 years of working on App Store Optimization projects, speaking with a lot of masterminds in the App industry and running experiments on 100+ apps, I finally realized the true success of the organic growth of mobile applications which is only feasible when you look at it from a holistic cross-devices strategy. The infographic…
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