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Why You want to Add SEO to your App Growth Strategy

When we think of the word optimization for apps, App Store Optimization (ASO) is most likely the first thing that comes to mind. But, what about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Does SEO make an impact on app growth, and should SEO be a part of your app marketing strategy?   Answer: Absolutely!   As such…
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How to Conduct an ASO Audit for App Store Keywords & Creatives (Step-by Step Process)

This blog was written with our partner AppTweak and focuses on an ASO Audit conducted on the app Ella Verbs Spanish Conjugation in the US App Store. This audit consists of two parts, “Conducting an App Store Keyword Audit” and “Conducting an App Store Creative Audit”, respectively carried out by AppTweak and App Growth Network.…
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5-Step Plan For How To Do ASO Keyword Research

Having a solid ASO strategy is crucial to your app’s overall success. If app store search traffic is a major source of your organic user acquisition—or if you’d like to grow your traffic from search in both app stores—then keyword optimization is the most vital aspect of ASO. Only through proper ASO keyword research can you find…
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Boost App Results by Synching your ASO and ASA Efforts Blog post cover

Boost App Results by Synching Your ASO & ASA Efforts

When it comes to organic user acquisition, all mobile industry experts agree that App Store Optimization is not just important, it’s vital to your overall mobile app marketing strategy success.  And if you have an iOS app on the App Store, experts also agree that Apple Search Ads is one of the smartest moves you can…
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New Google Play Guidelines that will effect App ASO


There are over 2.5 millions apps available on Android’s Google Play Store. If your app is one of them then you know how crucial your app’s metadata is for your App Store Optimization and for your app’s discoverability in app stores.    Your app’s metadata—aka all of the elements that appear in your App Store…
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How to make Google Play game apps sucessful

How To Make Google Play Game Apps Successful

We love mobile games. We play them, we market them and we help them grow. We even have a sister company – AGN labs – that acquires good potential hyper-casual games including popular Google Play games like Kart Rush Racing, Slithering Worm, River Sand Excavator Simulator 3D, ATV Max Racer, and Military Helicopter 3D. As…
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Why ASO Best ASO practices for apps

Why ASO? Best ASO Practices for Apps

Why ASO? Saying that the app market is one of the most crowded and competitive spaces in the world is hardly an exaggeration. The numbers speak for themselves – there are 2.2 million apps on the Apple App Store and 2.8 million apps on the Google App Store. And, according to Apple, 65% of downloads…
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Best ASO Tools top 3 for 2020 blog post

Top ASO Tools: Top 3 for 2022

App Store Optimization determines your app’s visibility in the app stores, making it a key factor for organic growth and app success. Apple continues to claim that 65% of downloads happen directly after an App Store search, so it’s clear how optimizing how you rank in app store search is definitely worthwhile. We’re frequently asked…
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5 Tips From Mobile Growth Experts (ASO Conference 2020 Highlights)

Thanks to today’s advanced video conferencing and remote communication technology, our world’s new socially-more-distant ways don’t keep us from getting helpful learnings about the ever-evolving mobile app industry. Attending conferences, workshops, and forums are an invaluable source of information.   So even though this year’s 2020 ASO Conference on May 13th switched from its typically…
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ASO growth hack featured image

App Store Growth Hack Alert! How to More than Double Your ASO Keyword List

Let’s talk again about one of our favorite topics: App Store Optimization for the App Store. For something so seemingly simple, ASO remains an elusive, ever-changing process any marketer must constantly study to truly understand. Just when you think you’ve got it, it changes and evolves again.    For ASO for the App Store, you…
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