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App Growth Network Named As Canada’s #1 Mobile App Marketing Agency by Clutch!

  At only a couple of years old, App Growth Network is so thankful for Clutch’s recognition of our marketing services, specifically mobile & app marketing, advertising, and marketing strategy. Our team member’s analytic skills help ensure we’re doing the best possible for each and every client. Clutch is a ratings and reviews firm located…
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Stand Out in App Stores with ASO: What You Need to Know – App Growth Blog Series (Part 1)

As you may have already deduced by our company name, App Growth Network, we’re all about growing apps! So we’re excited to launch this App Growth blog series as a follow-up to our 7-part App Pre-launch blog series.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll take you through some stages of the growth funnel based on…
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Why You Need To Start Networking – and How To Do It Right

If you’re in the mobile industry  – whether it’s on the app developer side, app publisher side, marketing, sales or whatever other fields in this vast industry – you need to understand the importance of networking.  And, no, we’re not talking about building or marketing a business networking app – but actually going to mobile…
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6 Tips on How To Create an Impactful App Preview Video – App Pre-launch Series Part 7

As our App Pre-Launch blog series continues, we’ll be talking about another important piece of the app metadata puzzle: the preview video. After you’ve nailed down the app icon and app screenshots of your visual metadata, now you can add that special extra touch, i.e. your app preview video. You may not need much convincing…
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10 Tips For Creating Winning App Screenshots – App Pre-launch Series Part 6

By now, you probably have a clear idea about the importance of mastering app metadata. Here we’ll focus on your app screenshots which – alongside your rockstar app icon – are crucial pieces of the metadata puzzle. App screenshots play a critical role in on-page App Store Optimization (ASO). Optimizing screenshots in the Google Play Store…
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How To Make Your App Icon Stand Out – App Pre-launch Series Part 5

So far in our App Pre-launch Blog Series, we’ve talked about several ideation phase elements and some building phase elements – like how to master text-based metadata. Over the next few articles of the series, we’re going to talk about all the visual elements of your metadata – your creatives! In this article, we’ll focus…
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5 Metadata Pro Tips For App Launch Success – App Pre-Launch Series (Part 4)

So far in our App Pre-launch blog series, we’ve talked ideation phase topics like the most important questions to ask before you even think of creating an app, finding the right target market and how to create a powerful pitch deck to land app funding. First, let’s ask the most obviously important question from the…
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Funding your app

Funding Your App – App Pre-launch Blog Series (Part 3)

Are you an apps startup? Are you looking to blow the mobile app world’s mind with your app idea? But…is financing an issue? Then maybe it’s time to start looking for potential investors to support your revolutionary project.  We’re not going to lie – getting your app funded is no easy feat. It’s a competitive…
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How to find the best target market for your mobile app

How To Find The Best Target Market For Your Mobile App – App Pre-launch Blog Series (Part 2)

That dream of creating an app is still alive and kicking. The creative juices are flowing and you’re laser-focused. You’ve done your due diligence by reading all of the questions from the first article of the App Pre-Launch series: answers you must get before you start.  According to Business Insider, the most challenging aspect of app…
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Want to create an app?

Want to Create An App? App Pre-launch Blog Series (Part 1)

It’s officially 2020. A brand new year. A whole new decade. Many see this time as an opportunity for new beginnings and new endeavors. For some, it’s finally doing something about the extra 15 pounds that seem to be holding on for dear life or promising to dedicate time for meditation, starting a gratitude journal…
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