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Travel Apps Industry Report

In this report, we uncover some of the key marketing strategies and tactics behind, what we found to be, the most relevant traveling apps in the airfare industry. We took a deep dive into  Expedia, Hopper, and Skyscanner’s marketing tactics and mobile app adaptation strategies. We gathered the data we found to be the most…
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10 App Store Screenshots Best Practices That Boost Conversion Rates

Having amazing app store screenshots plays a critical role in on-page App Store Optimization (ASO). For one, optimizing screenshots in the Apple App Store and Google App Store can significantly increase your conversion rates.  What is a conversion rate? In general terms, it’s the percentage of users who have performed a desired action. In this…
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Expert Interview: Elsa Massoudi Aguilar

Thanks for talking with us Elsa! Please let us know more about you. How did you first enter the App Business and what do you do? Once you go ‘App’ you never go back; that’s what happened to me 3 years ago when I started in the mobile app industry by coincidence. Since then, I…
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How To Choose Your Mobile App Platform: Android vs iOS Pros & Cons

One of the biggest questions when building an app is: which app platform should I build my app for – iOS or Android? Or both? The answer is actually not so simple. You may benefit from starting as either an Apple app or a Play Store app depending on your situation.   Why? Because there…
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App Growth Network Awarded As A Top Mobile Marketing Agency in Canada

Competition is tough. This is true for everyone in the mobile app business from app publishers to developers to mobile marketing agencies. And the number of mobile apps doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon – there are 2.1 Android apps are available on the Google Play Store and 1.8 million apps are…
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Expert Interview: Sharath Kowligi

Please tell us more about yourself, what you do, and how long have you been in the app business? I solve user acquisition problems. In the last 8 years, most of my work involves getting games to people who might enjoy them. I do spend a lot of time thinking about and tinkering with the…
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New Updates at the Apple WWDC19

Apple has been one of the world’s biggest tech pioneers. The yearly WWDC is the biggest conference Apple will host. At the WWDC19, Apple released many new updates on its products and services like the wallet-breaking “Cheese Grater” MacBook. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the topics that will affect…
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Why Customer Retention Strategies Make Or Break Your Business (2019 MAU Conference Tips)

Companies often focus on attracting new customers because they believe that new customers will help increase their revenue and growth. However, many companies overlook the importance of retention. Without customer retention – or solid retention strategies – no company will be able to optimize long term growth because the customers you attract today will only…
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Expert Interview: Lucia Mrvová

Please tell us more about yourself, what you do, and how long have you been in the app business? I currently head the user acquisition team at Lingokids, a mobile app that teaches English to 2-8 years old children in a fun, game-like way. I work in digital/performance marketing since early 2013 and have been…
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Expert Interview: Saulo Marti

**Saulo was the VP of growth for Hibooks when we interviewed with him, he is currently the VP of Marketing for 8fit** Hi there Saulo… Please tell us more about yourself… I’m a VP of Growth at Hibooks and an advisor to a few startups in Brazil and Germany. within the mobile space. I’ve been…
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