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5-Step Plan For How To Do ASO Keyword Research

Having a solid ASO strategy is crucial to your app’s overall success. If app store search traffic is a major source of your organic user acquisition—or if you’d like to grow your traffic from search in both app stores—then keyword optimization is the most vital aspect of ASO. Only through proper ASO keyword research can you find…
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How to Gamify Your Mobile App & Crush Retention Goals

There are many strategies for increasing mobile app retention—many that start early on—like implementing the right user onboarding strategy. But if you’re struggling to retain users on your app for the long haul, then the answer might be gamification. Gamification can turn your mobile app into a fun and rewarding experience that keeps users coming back.…
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Important iOS 15 Updates & What You Need to Know

Apple made some critical announcements about iOS 15 at the WWDC 2021 (Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference) on June 7th that will affect important aspects of mobile apps and the Apple App Store.   Most importantly, from an app marketing strategy and ASO perspective, the post-iOS15 App Store will be customizable according to organic and paid…
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Boost App Results by Synching your ASO and ASA Efforts Blog post cover

Boost App Results by Synching Your ASO & ASA Efforts

When it comes to organic user acquisition, all mobile industry experts agree that App Store Optimization is not just important, it’s vital to your overall mobile app marketing strategy success.  And if you have an iOS app on the App Store, experts also agree that Apple Search Ads is one of the smartest moves you can…
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Why branding is important to your app’s success

Branding. It’s a word we’ve all heard and (think) we understand.  But do we really? When it comes to mobile apps, branding can be an elusive concept—and many times, an afterthought. The priority and focus is app development. But once an app is created, tested, debugged and ready to go live in the app stores,…
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New Google Play Guidelines that will effect App ASO


There are over 2.5 millions apps available on Android’s Google Play Store. If your app is one of them then you know how crucial your app’s metadata is for your App Store Optimization and for your app’s discoverability in app stores.    Your app’s metadata—aka all of the elements that appear in your App Store…
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Why-App Localization is Good For Mobile App Success blog post image

Why App Localization is Good For Mobile App Success

Every day, the world seems to get smaller. We’re all interconnected because a mobile-first world blurs the lines of distance and borders. When we purchase items online, we usually have no idea if the goods or company we’re buying from is local or from a country on the other side of the world. What matters…
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Clement Kao Product Manager at Blend and Co-founder Product Manager HQ

The Power of Fake Door Tests

An Interview with Clement Kao The mobile apps that win markets are the ones that demonstrate speed to market with new, compelling features.  But how do you know whether you’ve picked the right feature to ship? In other words, how do you ship quickly without picking the wrong feature? In this app expert interview, we’ll…
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All About Apple Search Ads for Apps (and why you need them!)

With iOS14 updates upon us, mobile app marketers around the world are bracing themselves for the change. The truth is, nobody really knows how and to what extent the changes will impact the industry. But, one thing’s for sure, iOS app advertisers are zeroing in on Apple Search Ads. Apple will be the only provider…
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App Growth Network Named Among Canada’s Top Marketing Agencies for 2021

Here at App Growth Network, we know how valuable mobile app marketing is. With so many mobile device users nowadays and as an app owner, it’s imperative that you take advantage of this fact. From booking an appointment with your cab ride to getting groceries at home, mobile apps are the way to go. A…
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