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Why-App Localization is Good For Mobile App Success blog post image

Why App Localization is Good For Mobile App Success

Every day, the world seems to get smaller. We’re all interconnected because a mobile-first world blurs the lines of distance and borders. When we purchase items online, we usually have no idea if the goods or company we’re buying from is local or from a country on the other side of the world. What matters…
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Clement Kao Product Manager at Blend and Co-founder Product Manager HQ

The Power of Fake Door Tests

An Interview with Clement Kao The mobile apps that win markets are the ones that demonstrate speed to market with new, compelling features.  But how do you know whether you’ve picked the right feature to ship? In other words, how do you ship quickly without picking the wrong feature? In this app expert interview, we’ll…
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All About Apple Search Ads for Apps (and why you need them!)

With iOS14 updates upon us, mobile app marketers around the world are bracing themselves for the change. The truth is, nobody really knows how and to what extent the changes will impact the industry. But, one thing’s for sure, iOS app advertisers are zeroing in on Apple Search Ads. Apple will be the only provider…
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App Growth Network Named Among Canada’s Top Marketing Agencies for 2021

Here at App Growth Network, we know how valuable mobile app marketing is. With so many mobile device users nowadays and as an app owner, it’s imperative that you take advantage of this fact. From booking an appointment with your cab ride to getting groceries at home, mobile apps are the way to go. A…
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What is a Bundle ID & How Does It Impact Mobile App Ranking? Blog post image

What is a Bundle ID & How Does It Impact Mobile App Ranking?

  When it comes to launching your mobile application, it seems that most mobile marketers have a different idea about what Bundle ID and Application ID are. Leaving us with questions like what is it? Can you change it? And does it impact your mobile app’s ranking? We investigated this topic, for both Apple and…
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How to make Google Play game apps sucessful

How To Make Google Play Game Apps Successful

We love mobile games. We play them, we market them and we help them grow. We even have a sister company – AGN labs – that acquires good potential hyper-casual games including popular Google Play games like Kart Rush Racing, Slithering Worm, River Sand Excavator Simulator 3D, ATV Max Racer, and Military Helicopter 3D. As…
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Evolution of Mobile App Marketing with iOS 14

It’s no question that Apple’s new privacy mandate will reshape how advertisers track, target, and optimize their mobile app advertising campaigns on iOS 14. Deterministic conversion attribution as we know it will be a thing of the past, forcing user acquisition and product teams to figure out how to adjust their strategies to continue allocating…
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Expert Interview with Max Maserman of Callapp

App Expert Interview: Max Maserman of CallApp

We all know that user acquisition is key for mobile app growth. What better way to learn the ins and outs of user acquisition than by speaking to UA managers directly? In this app expert interview, we hear from Max Maserman of CallApp. Read on to get his pro tips on user acquisition strategies for…
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2021 Predictions from Mobile App Experts

2021 Mobile App Experts Predictions

We made it. The year 2020 is officially behind us and into 2021 we go. Last year was unpredictable, challenging, and – for the mobile app industry – exceptional in many ways. At the peak of COVID, mobile usage skyrocketed. Mobile app statistics show that mobile app downloads increased by over 30% in the first…
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How to prepare for iOS14 DFA Opt ins

How to Prepare for iOS14 & IDFA Opt-ins for Apps

For many, the idea of wrapping up 2020 and moving forward into 2021 is a comforting one. For others – specifically, those whose livelihood depends on mobile app performance – 2021 signals the beginning of the end. Perhaps this is a bit melodramatic, but early 2021 is when Apple promises to implement the new iOS14…
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