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Why Social Proof Works & 3 Effective Ways To Use it for App Growth

“I’ll have what he’s having.” “Jump on the bandwagon.” “Follow in her footsteps.” All of these common sayings in some way reference the idea of “social proof” – which is not a new concept in marketing. What exactly is social proof? It was first coined by Robert Cialdini in 1984 in his book, Influence. It’s…
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ASA 2020: How To Make Apple Search Ads Work For You

Let’s talk about one of our favorite subjects: Apple Search Ads. The beauty (and perhaps the curse) of this platform is that there is SO much you can do with it. And while it may seem pretty intuitive once you get started, knowing the ins and outs – and how to run a tight, high-performing…
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Why You Need To Start Networking – and How To Do It Right

If you’re in the mobile industry  – whether it’s on the app developer side, app publisher side, marketing, sales or whatever other fields in this vast industry – you need to understand the importance of networking.  And, no, we’re not talking about building or marketing a business networking app – but actually going to mobile…
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Funding your app

Funding Your App – App Pre-launch Blog Series (Part 3)

Are you an apps startup? Are you looking to blow the mobile app world’s mind with your app idea? But…is financing an issue? Then maybe it’s time to start looking for potential investors to support your revolutionary project.  We’re not going to lie – getting your app funded is no easy feat. It’s a competitive…
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How to find the best target market for your mobile app

How To Find The Best Target Market For Your Mobile App – App Pre-launch Blog Series (Part 2)

That dream of creating an app is still alive and kicking. The creative juices are flowing and you’re laser-focused. You’ve done your due diligence by reading all of the questions from the first article of the App Pre-Launch series: answers you must get before you start.  According to Business Insider, the most challenging aspect of app…
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Want to create an app?

Want to Create An App? App Pre-launch Blog Series (Part 1)

It’s officially 2020. A brand new year. A whole new decade. Many see this time as an opportunity for new beginnings and new endeavors. For some, it’s finally doing something about the extra 15 pounds that seem to be holding on for dear life or promising to dedicate time for meditation, starting a gratitude journal…
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H-APP-Y NEW YEAR! Mobile Trends 2020

The mobile industry has been on fire for the last decade and shows no sign of being extinguished any time soon. And while these days your attention may be more focused on which holiday pajamas you’ll wear this year (reindeer or snowmen?) or which Netflix show to binge on New Year’s day  – you should…
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App Growth Network Named a Top B2B Global Provider by Clutch

Finding a mobile and app marketing partner may seem easier than it actually is. In order to obtain consistent product growth, your marketing partner needs to strategize its marketing efforts to include organic and paid channels such as SEO, ASO, Adwords, UAC, Apple Search Ads, Facebook Ads, Ad network Advertising & Affiliate marketing. Here at…
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App Growth Network is Named a Top Digital Marketing Agency in Spain!

“We feel so honoured to be recognized by Clutch and to be receiving another one of their leadership awards. We’ve worked with so many great partners and clients that helped us grow and get to where we are today. It’s even more exciting that this is just the beginning. We’re very grateful for the support.”…
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Clutch Names App Growth Network to the List of Leading Advertising and Marketing Firms

At App Growth Network, we pride ourselves on client satisfaction. As building relationships has proven to be the best way to attract customers, we have built numerous pipelines to promote our clients’ engagements. Recently, we have been awarded for our efforts. Clutch, a ratings and reviews platform, recognizes top providers in all 50 states. We…
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