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How to Use Analytics Tools to Improve Your App User Experience

There’s a reason why we talk so much about the importance of having a data-first approach when it comes to effective app marketing strategies. You’ve probably heard the stats: there are over 3.4 million apps on Google Play and over 2.2 million apps on the Apple App Store.    With that kind of competition, all…
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Top app analytic tools

Top App Analytics Tools

Bottom line: if you want to make informed, smart decisions about your mobile app, you need actionable data with clear visualization. Without the numbers, you simply have no way of knowing how your app product is performing, what (or if) marketing efforts are working, and how profitable your app is (or isn’t!). There are 3…
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How to Build Efficient App Data Reports

Did you know that, on average, marketers use more than 12 tools every day to manage their marketing and product data? Combining learnings and extracting insights from so many sources is not only chaotic but incredibly time-consuming. In this post, we’ll be summarizing an MGS Global Virtual Conference 1.0 session led by our Sr. Growth…
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Why Do I Need App Analytics? Here are 5 Good Reasons

In the world of apps and app marketing, having access to the right data – and using it wisely – can either make or break your app’s success. The truth is that the competition out there is so tough, that dissatisfaction with one tiny aspect of your app is enough to churn a user and…
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