Best ASO tools 2019

Best ASO tools 2019

Best ASO tools 2019: (Continuously updated)

App Store Optimization is a favoured strategy for developers, as the organic growth that accompanies ASO is a key determinant of app success. With the evolution of Apple Search Ads, ASO tools have advanced significantly in the past 3 years. Additionally, developers are leveraging the Search Ads APIs to refine their Keyword selection algorithm. Our clients and partners frequently ask us what our favorite ASO tools are, and to be honest, each of them have their own unique selling points. Let’s evaluate some:


1) App Tweak


App Tweak is one of our favorites because of their innovative user interface. You can simply input your app and receive an instant summary of your content, with a list of all the improvements you need to make to increase your ASO score. The summary report is very useful for ASO beginners, as it’s a simple way to learn what needs to be improved, with a detailed explanation.


Quick Backlinks checker:

Not All ASO tools have a backlinks checker, which is a ranking factor for Google Play. It is often that ASO experts are required to go offline and crawl the page with Ahrefs, Moz or Majestic. App Tweak boasts a Moz integration and automatically shows the total number of backlinks and the top 10 inbound links. This feature provides some flagship benchmarks to determine if the App is new, and whether or not it has any offline activities before leaving the dashboard to any of the aforementioned backlink checker tools.

Note that this feature is not applicable for iOS as backlinks are not part of the algorithm.

For more information related to this topic please check our holistic cross devices optimization article.


Share of voice for Apple Search Ads Intelligence:

This innovative feature allows us to see the search ad comparisons across selected competitors. It shows us the share of voice percentage, an evaluation of our app protection, and the level of protection of an app regarding paid ads for the top 15 Organic Downloads Keywords as a percentage.


Obviously in this case Pokémon is struggling to keep up with competition for their top ranked keywords. The higher the protection number, the greater the market domination and inbound revenue.

2) App radar

Another great ASO tool that recently caught our attention is App Radar.

One of the features that makes it unique is the keyword history tracker and changelog. It allows you to go back and see what the ranking was X days ago and what changed to drive your results. This is an ideal solution for genres that rotate keywords frequently.

You can also track your activity and ASO efforts automatically. View the history of changes for all your apps in one interface. This also serves as ASO Documentation: See your changes and activity results in one chart. Dig deeper into the effects of your ASO and make data-driven decisions.

You can measure your app’s performance and monitor conversion rates and see all necessary ASO related performance data on one screen with their innovative UI and UX.

App Radar is most effective when used in conjunction with an app that prompts you to connect to App Store Connect or you Play Store account right away. Their API is solid and they publish features, which are designed to make changes directly to the store accounts.


3) Sensor Tower


One of the most commonly used ASO platforms is Sensor Tower. The product is not only an ASO tool but also an App Store intelligence & Search Ads intelligence tool competing with industry leaders like App Annie. What we like the most about Sensor Tower is the immediate interaction with users. In a few clicks you can see exactly where you and your competitors stand.

Let’s do some exploration together:

This screenshot tells me that Daily Yoga App is doing very well in the App Store. Immediately you get a score in the next screen which validates the the app ranking. You’re scored between A+ and F- based on revenue estimates for the last month & app’s popular keywords.

Sensor Tower also has amazing quick search capabilities and their Dashboard has a great UX. Everything can be found easily and the app overview page analyzes the key things you need to know about an App. One of most commonly used features of Sensor is their ‘translate’ function, which simplifies multi-language publishing:


Their KW suggestion tool is also very handy, allowing you to add selected keywords for quick analysis. A lot of ASO tools have the same feature. We will cover a unique methodology of how to shortlist the best keywords for this feature.


4) Mobile Action :

Mobile Action recently improved their offering and are now a strong contender to Sensor Tower. The functionalities and UX share a strong similarity to Sensor Tower. They have also developed an apple search ads tool with an API that allows monitoring and controlling of campaigns, which sends you daily alerts if your campaign exceeds defined KPIs, bids, etc.


Mobile Action’s standout new feature is the keyword Explorer tool. It allows you to easily find trending apps and search phrases, and identify popular keywords. You can then input the results for quick evaluation. It allows you to see what apps are displayed in the app stores for any keyword you search. They also provide long-tail keyword suggestions based on your searches on the right.


Keyword intelligence is another feature unique to Mobile Action. It allows you to see the percentage of organic downloads each keyword your app ranks for.



We hope this list of our favourite ASO tools is as helpful for you as it is for us. We’ll continue to update the list as we find more innovative and exciting tools. So be sure to check back, or wait from updates from our social media.

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