App Guardians Commits to User Growth for Mid-Market Companies

A message from CEO and Founder Fouad Saeidi

A Message From Our CEO

I am an entrepreneur. I have always been passionate about building businesses and helping them grow.  Over the last five years, since the start of App Growth Network Ltd., we have had the privilege of working with apps of various types and sizes, all with the common goal of improving people’s lives through mobile technology.

However, we all know that the market is fiercely competitive, and only a select few apps succeed. It takes a great deal of hard work, the right team and strategy to make it happen, and a lot of iteration.

That is why I am so excited about extending AGN’s advertising division to App Guardians. As a premier advertising and creative agency, our reinvented strategy will focus on helping mid-market companies with a $5M valuation — and a robust media spend that allows for frequent A/B testing — with next-level user acquisition services, advanced retention and engagement services, and unique creative strategies. This year, we are placing a significant emphasis on video, and we believe that innovative creative and A/B testing is crucial to success. The same principles apply to App Store A/B testing for ASO with high-performing creatives.

We are committed to partnering with such mid-market companies at any stage of their journey to take their apps to the next level. To achieve this, we have assembled a talented senior management team, including app-growth veteran Peter Jung and creative marketing and operations expert Alexandra Kubrak, who will help create the ideal ecosystem for these apps to flourish and expand their user base.

Rest assured that App Growth Network will continue to support earlier-stage apps by offering microservices — whether it is with an ASO strategy or an SDK implementation — based on a product-market fit assessment and offering appropriate mentoring services as needed. We believe in supporting startups and early-stage companies and will always be there to help them.

We are passionate about growing apps and helping them achieve success. Stay tuned for more updates on App Guardians and our upcoming ventures at App Growth Network.

Fouad Saeidi,
Founder and CEO