5 Quick Steps To Beat Your Competition

5 Quick Steps To Beat Your Competition

App development is all fun and games, right? Yes! But you have to remember that there is probably a group of people somewhere in the world having just as much fun developing a similar app. Chances are your idea isn’t new and someone has already tried to implement it.

However, this is a great thing! You now have an opportunity to research the topic and find out how the same problems were tackled. There are thousands of guides and blogs online talking about starting a business or an app development team. So to save you some time, we have summarized the key concepts into five quick steps. Additionally, we have added a neat competitor research template that you can use!

1. Find out who are your top 10 competitors

To beat your competition you first need to know who they are, what they do, and how they do it. Since you’re in the business of making apps, this search should be relatively simple. Just search the theme or keywords for your app using google, or the app store available to you. See which apps show up. Are they doing the exact thing you planned? How are they getting new customers?

Here, at AGN, we like using a great resource, Apptweak, that lets you track all sorts of metrics for mobile apps both on iOS and Android. Check how often your competitors update their app, look at their ranking history, are there sudden spikes? Study those too, don’t leave any stone unturned, you need to know exactly what brought success to these apps.

2. Analyze their product

Download their app! See how it works, find out what you like about it and what could be improved. Add or remove these to your app. Make sure that your app doesn’t look too similar. Your customers will look at you as a copy-cat and will stick to the original app. Your goal is still to solve a problem but provide a unique, engaging user experience that will keep them coming back for more.

3. Check out their social media

Half of all apps are found and downloaded thanks to word of mouth. Most likely, someone talked about this new wonderful app all morning while you were getting coffee, and you couldn’t help yourself but do a little search on the app store. That’s why social media and marketing, in general, is crucial when it comes to app business. You would want to find out the most successful channels and their strategies that seem to attract the most attention. Are they sending out newsletters? Maybe you should too!

4. Research all the keywords

While keyword bidding may no longer be as effective as it used to be, it is still essential to carving out a niche for your app and maintaining a certain brand image in the eyes of your app’s users. Research the keywords that your competitors rank for, maybe you can outrank them with a small budget. If not, you will see a gap that you can fill, some keywords that haven’t yet been grabbed by the thousands of new apps released every day.

5. User feedback

Sometimes one of the most overlooked aspects. Remember that your app exists only for the people who use it. So the people who actually leave any sort of feedback are probably the most invested in your app. Find out what users are saying about your and your competitors’ apps. Do surveys, go through app stores feedback, do a/b testing for your icons and screenshots. Don’t leave anything to chance!

We decided to make a little table that you can use and fill out when doing your own research. Here it is! Add to it as many sections as you need to make your research stellar!

 App 1App 2App 3App 4
Revenue model    
Unique features    
Customer ratings    
Customer reviews    


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