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User Retention – Identifying retention metrics

One of the major problems that app marketers face is retaining users. Only 10%-12% users remain active after 7 days and only 4%-5% users after 30 days. The major pillar for growth of mobile apps is retaining users, so once this problem is solved automatically number like CPI, LTV, In-app purchases improves. Based on what…
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Holistic Cross Devices Optimization where ASO marries SEO

After 6 years of working on App Store Optimization projects, speaking with a lot of masterminds in the App industry and running experiments on 100+ apps, I finally realized the true success of the organic growth of mobile applications which is only feasible when you look at it from a holistic cross-devices strategy. The infographic…
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A Bigger Picture of Measuring App Economics For SAAS start-ups

To Fully understand how to optimize your full mobile app funnel, you have to think about the complex user journey from A-Z.  Think about this example of a start-up SAAS product: Let’s call it Gama : Free Trial period: 14 days Subscription Price: $30 per month AVG LTV: $180 AVG Churn Rate: 6% Gama’s Growth marketing…
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