We are App Guardians

We protect the growth of apps and the welfare of VCs’ investments.

Who do we serve?

Early-stage apps on a mission to make the world better
Venture capitalists looking to invest in ‘the next big thing’

What is our specialty?

We connect app development companies with venture capitalists and help those VCs make data-driven investments through the diligent service provided by our experienced mobile experts. Add to that our mobile marketing prowess, and we deliver what no other company can. We call it “The Triangle of Success.”

Why us?

VCs, we understand your pain points. We know because we have them too. We own another business division called AGN Labs, which consists of taking a percentage of apps with good ideas and offering them subsidized marketing services. So you can bet that we deal with the same challenges that you do.

These challenges include:

Hesitation about investing in the unknown
 Lack of data-driven modeling to back up the product’s idea
‣ Great concepts and ideas with poor execution
‣ Inability to identify the customer acquisition model ‣ Inadequate market research to substantiate new ideas

As a division of App Growth Network, we have access to an arsenal full of tools to overcome these challenges.

Our tools:

Proprietary knowledge repository and in-house curated data and insights
 Partnerships with industry-leading data and insights providers
‣ In-house data modeling templates for different genres