About App Guardians

Our Mission 

To help mobile apps improve performance and overcome growth challenges.

Through cutting-edge marketing, analytical strategies, and tools, we grow our clients’ businesses by setting high standards and delivering on our promises.

Our Vision

To be the leading one-stop solution for mobile apps that seek to have a positive influence in people’s lives.

We hold our team to a high standard of performance and values because, ultimately, our values are everything. Our goal is to work with clients and partners that share this same idea.

Our Founder 

Fouad Saeidi is the captain of the AGN ship! He has over 10 years of experience in the mobile industry at companies ranging from small startups to large international corporations like Sage.

Fouad started App Growth Network in 2018 with a vision: To help apps on a mission to improve people’s daily lives find success in an ever-increasing competitive space.

AGN began as a tight crew of just three people where Fouad wore the captain’s hat but switched that often with that of first mate, skipper, even deck hand (more times than he can count, in fact!).

Since then, he’s grown AGN into the accomplished vessel it is today with over 20 North America-based crew members servicing apps looking to make a difference in all mobile categories, from wellness to finance.

Fouad is also the proud father of a beautiful daughter and an outdoor enthusiast (hiking, swimming, tennis, skiing).

“We have no secrets with our team. We share everything together. We address our problems and seek solutions together. We win and we gain experiences together. Transparency is the most important thing to me—that’s who I am as a person.”

Our Team

Together we are a team of 20+ and growing. We’re a carefully selected group of individuals with varying educational, career, and cultural backgrounds that come together as one cohesive app marketing machine. We work as a hybrid/remote team based in Vancouver and in other parts of North America.

Senior Leadership Team


Founder & CEO


Director of Growth


Head of ASO & Processes


People & Talent Manager


Head of Content

Management Team


Sr. Business Growth Manager


Sr. Manager, Marketing Creative


Sr. CRM and Analytics Lead


Sr. Client Operations and Knowledge Manager


Digital Account Success Manager


Search Manager

Professional Services Team


Partnerships Lead


Web/Graphic Design


Business Analytics Consultant


Video Editor and Motion Graphic Animator


Digital Designer


UI/UX Designer


Business Growth Consultant


Digital Account Success Manager


Data Analyst Coordinator

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