Our Approach? 2 words: Analytical and Direct. The scientific methodology, so to speak. No emotional fluff. Today, data-driven App development is the key to success. We recommend top analytics and tools to our clients and leverage that with the vast experience of our consultants to suggest the best practices and channels. Batch by Batch, user acquisition and incremental small gains, in conjunction with hypothesis development and accurate market planning will put you ahead of the competition.


Working on various App projects, we have met many sharp, similarly minded professionals with diverse and complementary backgrounds across the globe. App Growth requires project management and integration of both marketing and growth in the early stages of product development. Not every App owner or developer has the budget to hire the resources in-house so we formed the network in 2018.

Our Consultants

We select consultants carefully – consultants require a minimum of 10 years working in the industry, in which +5 years are spent on mobile apps. We are here to partner in your success and a consultant is always available for help.

Fouad Saeidi

CEO, Analytics Guru / Growth Marketer

10+ years of Digital Marketing
6+ Years Mobile Apps: User Acquisition, ASO, Analytics, Product Analytics, Product Marketing. Has worked on 100+ Apps & Growth Marketing with over 1M downloads Globally as well as working with big SAAS brands such as Sage in North America and EMEA.
Focus Area: Global App growth planning, Batch by Batch User Acquisition planning with an analytics-centric modelling for maximum pulse
Passionate about changing the world, leaving a positive impact with technology,  A Dad, Soccer fan, Asian food, and Tennis are musts…

Lives in: Vancouver, Canada

Chris Chambers

Product Executive 

12+ years in Sales, Business Development, Product Marketing and Product management.
Executing strategies to help small companies compete in a market where they must maximize their productivity and profits with limited resources and marketing budgets.
Developed a love for technology at a young age (neighborhood desktop support tech at age 8)
Passion and thrill of sale that moved from being a pure technologist to a revenue generator.

Lives in: Houston, TX, USA

Michaela Halasova

Customer Success Manager

5+ years in client-facing roles in technology, telecommunication, NGOs, and retail.
Holds BA in Economics and Finance from Charles University and MSc in Business Administration from the University of Amsterdam.
Has worked as a business consultant at IBM.
Focus areas: Marketing Strategy, App Analytics, Business Growth
Passionate about traveling and working out. Has lived in 5 countries worldwide. Certified TRX trainer.

Lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Hector Saenz

Business Creative and Growth Hacker

5+ years tech startup ecosystem.
Co-founded a 2 year project management startup.
Has worked in fast-growing a 50M valuation startup.
4+ years in Sales & Product Marketing freelancer to several small and medium companies.
Focus areas: Sales & Customer Acquisition Marketing Strategy
Project management, Growth Hacking techniques.
Daily Mindfulness & meditation practice. Book reader. Leadership changes it all

Lives in: Vancouver, Canada

Gopika Gupta

 Growth Marketing and Analytics specialist 

International Growth Marketing and Analytics specialist
Has done App Analytics and user engagement for Sage Apps. 
Scaled and launched mobile apps from 0 to 100K user organically in a time period of 2 months.

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